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Our Doctors

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Nick Theriault

Nick is the owner of Tempo Studios, and teaching music has always been his passion. His wide span of expertise ranges all the way from music theory to bagpipes. On top of teaching, he runs a rock band and a bagpipe band.

Chris Hardwick

Chris is a fun and passionate music teacher. He has many years of experience teaching, leading worship, and composing pieces at William Jessup University. He is also a professional videographer and can direct and film music videos.

Seth Wentland

Seth is the head of Tempo Studio's audio production. His goal is to help artists reach their highest potential in their music. His enthusiasm makes the recording, mixing, and mastering process feel exciting and rewarding.

Light and Shadow

Student Stories

“He does a great job connecting what you're learning to various pieces and radiates optimism. If you're looking for the ability to understand music and apply it to creating, listening, or playing while smiling along the way, this is where to go.”

Devin, Guitar Lessons

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